Cubase 8.5: Entering new time signatures as before?

Please pardon me if I am duplicating an already existing topic, but I haven’t found a discussion about it here. As you probably remember, entering new tempo signatures via transport bar was very easy before: you just entered the new value and it appeared where your cursor is. At least, that’s how it worked for me.

So it happened, that today was the first time I needed to enter the new time signature value with Cubase 8.5. I didn’t even expect that this feature was changed - why? What for? Anyway, now entering a new value in the transport bar changes the previous time signature instead of adding a new one on the cursor position.

Sure thing, I simply added new time signatures using a tempo editing window, but it’s more time consuming and pretty sloppily implemented (bug1: you have to hold your mouse cursor on the value while entereing it; bug2: when you press undo, sometimes the time signature value doesn’t disappear from the timeline, but shifts to the left).

In the C8.5 new features overview I remember something about how handy the new transport tempo and time sig display is now. I was expecting the ability to enter the new tempo (when tempo track is enabled) on the fly from the transport bar. Trying it right now, and it doesn’t do it, instead it simply changes the previous tempo value (the same as with time signature!).

It just doesn’t seem useful, logical, rational, right, in any aspect. Please correct me if I am wrong. Perhaps, it can be switched in preferences?


You are absolutely right. Us film guys just want to enter it in a simple matter. It was fine the way it worked pre 8.5 - and fast!

I agree. It wasn’t broken so why did they feel it needed fixing. Come on Steinberg what the hell are you doing?!! Why oh why. The new method is so clunky

Completely agree :slight_smile:
It is an unfortunate “side effect” of now being able to change also the Tempo via the Transport Bar (where it, too, changes the previously-entered tempo rather than inserting a new one at the current cursor position).
If nothing else, please at least give us this option via a modifier key :slight_smile:.

yes, why! why did they do this! something that took one step and they took it away, so now it takes longer? Steinberg, anytime you change a major function, please just put an option in the preferences to use the old way.

Still the same in 9. What a shame.