Cubase 8.5 - Fixed velocity when drawing midi notes

Hey guys,

Okay probably a fairly uncommon request but - is there a way to disable the feature on cubase 8.5 that allows you to change the velocity on each midi note by moving the mouse up/down when drawing them in? I see it can be useful, but since I use generally use fixed velocity notes when drawing meaning it’s a bit annoying having to make sure they are all pushed up to 127 (moving the mouse upwards to0 127 each time i draw a note)

Thanks guys look forward to hearing if there is a way round this!!



If you just click, and don’t move the mouse up/down, you will always get the same Velocity (100 by default). The exact Velocity, you can set up.

Ah great this works just fine!

Thanks for the reply!! :smiley: