Cubase 8.5 Freezes on Initializing | Won't Open

When I first start up my PC, I can load Cubase 8.5 with no problems and it functions as usual. Then there are times when I close out of it, or it crashes and I have to re-open it. However, when opening Cubase 8.5 after the sitatuation described before, it freezes on the loading screen with “initializing” and fails to completely load. The only thing I can do (after waiting even up to an hour) is force quitting the application. It just hangs there.

If I restart the PC, it can then load up fine sometimes, and I can use Cubase 8.5 without any issues, but not always. Then I may quit the application (without a crash or anything strange), come back, and then it won’t load up again. Nothing seems to help, even resetting/restarting the preferences on it in safe mode, and I am forced to restart my PC again simply to load Cubase. Any ideas?

I am using Windows 10 64 with Cubase 8.5 64. I have tried unplugging all external MIDI controllers, tried removing the audio interface (UR 44) ect. Thanks!


First I suggest you create a signature (in your profile of this forum) listing all hardware and software you use. This will help others to better estimate your situation.

I suspect a service from Cubase (or something else related to DAW use) is still active after you close/ crash… I have this sometimes with Firefox on my work PC… When you look into Taskmanager, is Cubase still active after such an exit? If so, ending the service from there should enable you to restart without any problems.

This being said… without knowing more of your setup, it is hard to give you any advise…

Hope this helps!