Cubase 8.5 freezes when opening Midi Editor

I’m running a new purchase of Cubase 8.5 on a PC running:

Intel I7
CPU @ 3.4 GHz
x64 bit based processor

Running Windows 10.

Upgraded from Cubase 6 to 8.5. I have been using the audio portion of Cubase without any issue. Working on this project, I added a new midi track and opened up the midi editor to add few midi notes. The editor opens up to a white screen and Cubase freezes and the only way out is to open task manager and end task. It seems that when opening up any midi menu option, Cubase freezes. The only midi connections that are running are a midi keyboard “Oxygen 25” by M-Audio.

I’ve verified the Steinberg’s recommendations for tuning the PC for Cubase’s best performances and it makes no difference.

Anyone run into this issue? I’ve never had this issue with Cubase 6.