Cubase 8.5 full box

Hi I have just bought Cubase 8.5 full box version it has 7 disks and one dongle. I have a desktop PC with windows 7/64bit but I need the full installation guide video tutorial if there is a link than please send it to me or if need be can The Steinberg team fully install it for me online? If so then is this a free service?


It’s super-simple. Insert the 1st disk and double-click to install it. Start Center appears, select the language and then Instal. There is no update for Cubase 8 yet, so it doesn’t matter, if you select Yes or No in the Automatic Updater. Then you will jist click to “Next” buttons, same as other installations. The whole library could take around 20-40minutes (depends on your DVD read speed and if you are storing data to the HDD or SSD. Once the installation finishes, you will be informed.

Plug your USB-eLicenser and you can run your Cubase.

+1, Exactly no rocket science involved, just remember to check if you need to change the DVD volumes.
Also keep your option consistent (for example “install for current user of for all users” )