Cubase 8.5 hang on exit - Anyone else?

Hey all I’m so glad I found this thread. I turned my audio interface off and on again but no go then I unplugged my MOTU MIDI Express 128 which I’ve had for years and boom problem solved. SO with that said I think I’m going to buy this class compliant interface the mio10.

Anyone here use one of these? The Midi Express was a work horse for over a decade but this driver hang thing is killing it in a bad way.

Did you ever find a fix?

I have the same problem with my midi express 128 and Cubase 9.5.30. I built a new pc 3 weeks ago and ever since then, if the midi express is connected Cubase won’t shut down. I can’t even end task in task manager, it says access denied . If I disconnect the midi express while cubase is hanging my pc blue screens and says “bad pool” or something like that. The midi express 128 still works perfectly with my old pc and 9.5.30.

I wonder if its a usb chipset issue? My old pc didn’t have USB3. I noticed the drivers for the Midi Express 128 haven’t been updated in a a while. They do say their Windows 10 compatible.

Without the midi express 128 my new PC works perfectly.