Cubase 8.5 hangs on opening Midi editor

Just recently, Cubase 8.5 has been hanging when I open the midi editor. It is happening in a clean project as well as a current project. Disconnected my midi man and Apollo interface. Also started in Safe Mode, but to no avail. I have been searching my MacPro for a Cubase or Steinberg preference file or folder but I cannot seem to find it to trash. I have looked through the forums and I have seen, “trash the preference or start in safe mode”. Sadly I cannot find preferences to trash on Sierra. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

To trash Cubase Preferences completely, open ~Library/Preferences, here you can find Cubase 8.5 folder. Delete or rename this. If you have other Cubase X folders here, rename them too (Cubase overtakes older Cubase Preferences during the start, if there is no own Preferences folder).

Thank you Martin. That did the trick. I had to unhide the Library folder first however. I also received a similar response from Steinberg:

First, please shut down Cubase. Then please go to Mac Hard Drive, Users, your user name, Library, Preferences. Trash all of the Cubase or Nuendo folders that you see inside of the Preferences folder. This will trash your key commands, preferences, sound card settings, etc. It also should clear up the problem you are having. Restart Cubase. You will need to reset your audio outputs (Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System).

Next I would recommend making sure you have installed the latest update for Cubase 8.5

Joel Gragg
Steinberg US Support