Cubase 8.5 - Hangs on startup loading VSTs

I decided to early adopt 8.5, because I’ve found in the past it comes as less of a shock to the wallet if I keep in step with the latest version.
However, it doesn’t load any of the handful of free third party VSTs I use (dexed and Obxd for example). As soon as I specify a VST folder, quit and restart, it hangs on the splash screen with the message:
Initializing: VST Obxd
And never progresses from that point.
I’ve tried a number of different VSTs from different providers, one after another, and each causes it to fail and I have to kill the Cubase process with extreme prejudice. If the VST folder is empty it loads fine, and loads all the VSTs it ships with fine too. Adding a new path VST Instrument Manager and hitting refresh also causes Cubase to hang.

Thank goodness it keeps 8.0 installed alongside it, because I’ve been able to go back and continue to work on my projects in there instead.

Anybody else encountered similar issues?



(Toshiba Satellite Pro i7-4710HQ @ 2.5Ghz 16Gb 64Bit Windows 10)

This is same as issue I asked about at
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