Cubase 8.5 hangs when clicking Edit Instrument

Kontakt 5.5.2 hangs Cubase for 40sec 8.5 when clicking Edit Instrument.

How to reproduce the problem:
-Create an empty Cubase 8.5 project
-Create 3-4 instrument tracks with Kontakt.
-No need to load any libraries in the any Kontakt instances.
-Simply click on Edit Instruments button on any of the Intrument tracks.
-Make sure you open more than one Kontakt at a time so you at least two Kontakt windows
-And after few clicks, Cubase will completely freeze for 40 secs. Impossible to do anything else.
-I tried with differents synths or plugins and it seems only Kontakt create that.



can’t see this behaviour here, moving to Issues -> Miscellaneous, so other users can chime in without waiting for approval. Please, post OS version and computer specs (CPU, GPU, HD config, etc.).

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Here hare my computer specs…:
-Windows 10 latest updates with high perf power scheme
-CPU Intel i7-4790K
-SSD drives for all samples, apps and OS

Problem fixed. It seems I had a corrupted library registered in Kontakt. Removing it and re-adding has fixed the problem.