Cubase 8.5 have worse CPU performance

Hey I recently upgraded from Cubase 7.5 to Cubase 8.5.
I was a working on a really demanding project (well, for my old computer it is, Intel i7 920 with 8GB RAM), and finally decided on upgrading Cubase for the “better cpu performance”.
But while on Cubase 7.5 the project was really heavy on the computer, and sometimes have stopped me from recording in the middle of a recording, in cubase 8.5 some tracks just don’t play sometimes, there are audio spikes and sometimes the audio would just stop and start again (while still running). Workflow is just a lot slower, and the CPU heats a bit more. Now I deleted a lot of tracks I don’t really need, so the project is not as demanding, and it still is not performing as good as the Cubase 7.5.

Anyone else have the same experience?
I’m working on Windows 7 with a UR824.

Nothing? I’m still having problems with this…

I have the same problem here. 8.5 is worse than 8 also.

I have a created a project of only 5 tracks but experiencing frequent audio drop outs even with maximum buffer and high ASIO Guard.

The same project works fine in 8 even without ASIO guard and low latency.

My CPU is i7 5820, 64 GB RAM.

Yup, agreed. I had nothing but good experiences on 7.5 and 8, but 8.5 is near unusable for me. I’m on a 2010 Mac Pro, OS X 10.10, 32GB of RAM.

It takes a long time to open project with only 3 instrument tracks ant 1 audio track with some fx on them.
Image if you have a big project that you have to open ant takes ages.
Even simple thing like selecting outputs for your interface takes ages for cubase. I use a mac.
there are a lot of occasions when i see coloring ball loading when i selected something or are loading something.

Things have to get a lot faster.

Same issue here. I’m on a MacBook Retina Pro mid 2012, 2.3 quad Core i7 and hit the top of Cubase 8.5.20 all the time. I have to drop group channels and plugins to have the system work. I never had this headroom issue before with 8 or before. It seems as though you have some kind of memory leak or hung threads… Once it starts, you have to start turning everything off and reboot to clear it. Ihope you figure it out soon. It’s killing productivity.