Cubase 8.5 installed alongside 8 - can I uninstall 8 easy?

Cubase 8.5 installed itself right alongside 8 (so now I have both on my machine). Can I uninstall 8 without causing problems to the 8.5 install?



Yes, you can.

… but only uninstall that one item, “Steinberg Cubase 8 [x64]”, not everything else that makes up the complete package.

Excellent. Thanks!


IMPORTANT!!! make sure you copy your cubase projects folder. I deleted it all and lost all my projects :frowning: big mistake by me.

What I did in the first place was to remove C8.0.3 from control panel.
Then installed 8.5 and it imported all my preferences correctly without the need to do anything else.

It’s common, Cubase projects are shared by all Cubase versions. In any case, projects are not deleted, when Cubase is uninstall.

Any idea how to get my projects back then? =) I cant find them anywhere

@jontah, search the drive for .cpr files or, if you actually deleted them, look in the Recycle Bin…

I have to ask, where were your projects installed that they would disappear with an uninstall?

As a suggestion … I keep all projects in a Projects folder on a second drive (with sub-folders for each project). You may want to consider this for your own setup.