Cubase 8.5 Mavericks

Does Cubase 8.5 work in Mavericks? Has anyone tested? The minimum requirement says Yosemite but who knows…I really don’t want to upgrade the OS, at the moment everything is working fine. I bought 8.5 without reading the system req, so…

Well, it works fine with older projects. I have a total crash issue starting new projects that include Kontakt. Very upsetting when I requested support from Steinberg, I was simply told that 8.5 doesnt support Mavericks, so no help there… Wasn’t expecting I’d need to update my OSX for a step from 8 to 8.5 and I’m definently not going to do that. I’ll try to roll back to 8, if necessary I’ll use Time Machine. Usually I can apreciate the support Steinberg gives me, but this is a first class blunder of theirs.

I am still on OS X 10.9.5 here, and haven’t encountered any problems yet.
Could you please describe more fully what you mean there?.. I’m a bit confused… if you are starting a new project, how can it include anything? Or do you mean, you start a new Project, load Kontakt (5.5.1?) into it, and then it crashes?

It crashes about 10 times every hour on new projects. It starts of o.k. Then it doesn’t freeze, so crashing is not the right word actually. Just no audio, which is kind off essential for an audio work station, lol. On projects started in 8.0 there’s no problem, just when I start a project in 8.5. Good thing I have a lot of already started projects that I need to finish so I’m not out of work. When I’m done with that I’m rolling back to 8.0. Steinberg have lost my will to update, maybe when I buy a new tower in about 5 years time. The only response I recieved on this problem was ‘8.5 does not support Mavericks’… I’d be a lunatic to upgrade my system in de midst of an album project. First time in many years I’m disappointed in Steinberg’s service. O.k. I didnt read the system requirements, but who expects a step from 8 to 8.5 would lose Mavericks users?

No problems here at all with 10.9.5 all the usual plugins Kontakt,Omnisphere, UHE, NI etc Waves Izotope, Slate etc

I’ve many crashes after 8.5, and with 8.5.10 is worst for me, and I’m on Yosemite…

I don’t know why yet. I tried to take off some plugs from Fabfilter and then from Waves, and it crashes the same way. :frowning: