Cubase 8.5. Menu Bar not working / Bug

Hi, I just stumbled over a difference between 8.0.30 and 8.5:

When I make all Windows (Project window and Mixer) independently Floating and move them to other Screens - i.e. the Menubar stays on the original Screen, I experience now (with 8.5.) a bug: If I open ANY other window in that Situation and Close it again, None of the menus can be selected any more until I minimize the application and maximize it again.

This was NOT the case in 8.0.30.


PS.: There appears to be some random switching between the “small menu bar” and this Grey-ish Background, but the menus are no longer selectable, see above.

Hi, I can reproduce the bug in direct comparision between 8.0.30 and 8.5

Cheers, Ernst

Hi, the bug is also there if you use cubase 8.5 on a single Screen.

As soon as you have as well the Project as the mixer window “decoupled” from the menu bar the following happens:
If you select any menu item(dialogue or window) and Close this dialogue/window again, you can no longer select ANY menu item until you minimize the application and maximize it again.

Cheers, Ernst

Hi all, can anybody confirm the issue?

Cheers, Ernst

Bump - just asking that someone tries to reproduce:

1- Open 8.5.
2. Open a Project.
3. Un-Maximise the Project window (so it is not docked to the menu bar)
4. Un-maximise the mixer window (so it is not docked to the menu bar)
5. Select e.g. menu item “control room overview”
6. Close “control room overview” window
7. Try to select any menu item -> not working any more (THIS is the bug)
8. Minimize Cubase Menu bar
9. Maximize Cubase Menu bar
10. All menu items are working again.

Reproduction is from step 1 to step 7.

Thx, Ernst

sorry, works as expected here …

Hi you, many thanks.

What could it be then. Graphics Driver issue? Or any Settings for “always on top” or so?

Cheers, Ernst

I tried again, no success here.

Selecting a menu item works the first time. Then I have to click the mixer window before I can select a menu item again.
And the mixer always dissappears behind the Project window…

Trash preferences, maybe…

Hi thank you, no that did not help either.

I discovered that in the described Situation the mixer window always hides behind the Project window, it behaves like a false Focus Change among all the Windows.

and… what is really annoying - this does NOT happen in 8.0.30.

I am wondering what they changed. The mixer window stays on top of the Project window in cubase 8.0.30 as well if both, the mixer window and the Project window are “uncoupled” from the menu bar…

I discovered now what is going on:

The mixer window (not maximised) is in front of the Project window (also not maximised).
Now I select a menu item. The respective window opens. I Close this window.

Now the mixer window is hidden by the Project window (why?) which is now “in Focus” (why).

Clicking in the menu bar now does not allow to select menu items.

Only when I manually bring the mixer window back to front does everything work again.


Hi, I have to Pop this up, because the bug persists. Howling Ulf did test it and according to him it works correctly for him.

Now, one difference is the 64 bit Version I am using.

Here are my findings again:


  1. Open a Project
  2. Decouple the Project window from the title/menu bar
  3. Decouple the Mixer window from the title/menu bar (and get it in front of the Project window)
  4. Both the Project and the mixer are now free Floating
  5. Click any menu item that opens a dialogue or window
  6. CLose this window again

Now: From this Point you will see that the mixer window is now behind the Project window. Clicking on its title bar does NOT bring it to the front!
It is now not possible to select any menu item.

Returning back to normal function can be achieved by:
Minimizing all Windows of cubase and re-maximising.
Bringing the mixer window to the top

Please Steinberg, have a look at this, it makes the free Floating Windows impossible to use!

I cannot imagine that other than a bug can do the window Focus changes.

BR, ERnst

Tried all three repros from posts 1, 5, and 13 and could not duplicate this behaviour. Works as it should here.

Hi, I found another Thing:

THE PROBLEM I DESCRIBED DOES NOT APPEAR WHEN THE TRANSPORT BAR IS ACTIVATED! or, in other words: The Problem only exists when the Transport bar is NOT Activated.

Could anyone try?

Cheers, Ernst


could anybody try to reproduce - please also take note of my last post concerning a possible dependency with the new Transport bar!

Cheers, Ernst

Same problem here.
Using 2 screens.

Hi Mike,

can you also confirm that the Problem does not exist when the Transport bar is active?



Tried this with Transport deactivated (Not just hidden), following repro instructions specifically, and no change in behaviour here. Everything operates normally across three screens.

I should mention that, despite my specs detailing Cubase 8.5 Pro on Win 10/64, I am currently testing 8.5 on Win 7/64, which is where I did the repros.

Had a thought and tried it again with every window closed but the project and mixer and the behaviour finally presented itself. With anything else open, VST Instruments, Instrument rack, etc., it does not happen. Only thing I had to do to recover was simply click on the mixer to bring it back to front.

Hi Elien,
Will try tonight when back from work.

I use 2 screens with project page on right screen & Mixer on Left.
If I select anything from the menu bar it works first time then have to minimise as mentioned then maximise to get the menu bar to work again but then only for one selection then back to the same problem.

I also get NVIDIA Geforce graphics problems with the scissor tool lagging behind, can live with that but not the menu bar problem.
Back to 8.3 I guess. :frowning:

Will let you know about the Transport bar.