Cubase 8.5 / Menu bar works only once

OS: Windows 7/64 Bit
Cubase 8.5
Asus S99 Motherboard with latest i7 Processor

Please note: The bug has been reproduced by other users in the “General” Forum after they had really followed the exact steps! (expecially step 3 is a key).


  1. Open Cubase 8.5
  2. Open any Project (old, new)
  3. Make sure that ONLY the Project window and the mixer window are open (no Transport bar active, no vsti window, etc.)
  4. Decouple the Project window from the menu bar
  5. Decouple the mixer window from the menu bar
  6. Select a menu item that opens a window (e.g. “Control Room overview”)
  7. Close the respective window again
  8. Try to select any menu item -> does not work! (this is the bug)

Additional Information:
Minimizining cubase and remaximizing it will recover correct behaviour. Bringing the mixer window to the front manually (it hides behind the Project window unfortunately!) also does this.

As soon as another window is open (it may be hidden by other Windows, that does not matter), e.g. the Transport bar, the erratic behaviour does not appear.

A Little Observation: While stepping through the above steps you might want to look at the Windows taskbar. There seems to be activity as if the application was “handling” a not existing window in the erratic Situation.

Yes, I’m experiencing exactly this problem as described.
I run two laptops live with separate Cubase 8.5 installations but having the same problem consistently on both.
Clearly a bug but I’m going to have to revert to Cubase 8.0 until this is resolved.

Hi, the bug is fully reproductable on all my machines under Windows 7 Ultimate.

It persists in Cubase 8.5.10.

Workaround is to have the Transport bar “on” all the time.

Obviously a Windows handling bug.

Same for me.

Windows 7 - Cubase 8.5.10

Actually, this issue makes he application unusable for me at this point. I have reverted to Cubase 8.0

I hope Steinberg will fix the issue in next update.