Cubase 8.5 MIDI CC DATA Issue

I’m a new member to the forum and to Cubase. I recently purchased Cubase 8.5, I’ve just switch over from Logic Pro X. The issue I am having is I’m trying to setup MIDI CC Data to be controlled by my Nectar Impact LX88 midi controller fader knobs.

I was just to setup up using quick controls but I cannot seem to get it to work properly. While I was trying to setup MIDI CC data(CC Data #2, #9 etc) to be controlled from the faders on the Impact. I’ve know seem to have lost control of MIDI CC control for CC1 Modulation. It will not work on my mod wheel.

I’m pretty sure this is a simple fix, but like I said I’m new to Cubase 8.5 and have no clue what I am doing. :confused:




I would say, the logic of Quick Controls is little bit different from your expectation.

In the Device Setup > Generic Remote > Track Quick Controls, you can set, which MIDI CC will be used to control the parameters in the track. Then in the track, you define, which parameters should be controlled by these CCs. For every single track, it is (most often) different set of parameters.

See this video, please.

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