Cubase 8.5: Missing Automation functions (!?)

Hi there.

This is weird. I tried to reduce the automation event density on a track did’nt find the function.
Now the manual says on page 618:

Reducing Automation Events
Editing automation points can result in redundant automation points. The Reduce Automation Events function allows you to reduce the number of redundant points and to smoothen the automation curve.
1.On the toolbar, click Open Automation Panel.
2.On the Automation Panel, click Functions.
3. On the pop-up menu, select one of the following options:
•To reduce the number of automation points for all tracks in the active project, select Reduce Automation Events.
•To reduce the number of automation points for selected tracks

Well. There is’nt such a function in the pop-up menu. According to the manual (page 619) there should also
be a function for reducing automation spikes. This function does also not exist.

Did these functions get lost or am I doing something wrong?
Can anyone confirm this?

+1 just discovered this as well

Cannnot find it at all!

Confirmed. Anyone else could find this functions?

Confirmed. There is no such function in the pop-up menu “Functions”

Its always on and the amount of the reduction can be set in the automation settings as well as the peak detection range.


A little bit late, but I think this is an error on the PDF operations manual, I don’t recall this feature being in Cubase, I have to double check but I am pretty sure it is a Nuendo feature, do you recall this on previous versions of Cubase?

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Just confirmed it with the manuals department it is not a bug but an error on the Operations Manual.

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