Cubase 8.5 Mono Audio Monitoring Not working


I recently upgraded to Cubase 8.5 from 8.

Now when I add a mono audio track i see a little symbal like ! next to the mono choice. Its same with Stereo.

If I go to add mono track and choose a preset like 'Guitar and vocals all is well/

But if I just opt for Mono track, it records but I cant get it to monitor back.

I see the wav file recorded but there is no outboard monitoring or headphone monitoring. I’ve tried the obvious but no joy.

Anyone got a answer to the problem please ?

MY connections seem fine and like I say if I choose a preset add track all works fine.

Any help would be very much appreciated


Could you please send a screenshot of the ! symbol? I cannot imagine it. But once I will see it, maybe I will know, what’s going on here. Thx.

Can you confirm what you have assigned as outputs in vst connections and what the output routing of your new mono track says?