Cubase 8.5 & Nektar Panorama?

Anyone know yet if these two are playing nicely together?

I know it might take some time before Nektar puts out an update and I was curious if this 8.5 update broke anything on the Panorama before I update.

I’ve not noticed that anything is wrong

Everything is working ok for me so far. But I did dowload / install the latest Panorama driver and firmware before upgrading to CB 8.5. Nektar put out an update in November.

It works great and I have not done the update (which I believe added some additional VSTi support). Everything is as should be thus far. However, I have only worked on one project that was a carry over from 8. Will be starting a new one this week.

Yeah, since starting this thread, I have updated and everything seems to be working okay

I’m using the P1 with the latest Cubase support 1.5.7 and the only thing I’ve noticed so far is that the Toggle/View is not working to Mute/Solo a track in the mixer view.