Cubase 8.5 NO Mac 10.9. support?

New 8.5 update only supports 10.10/11

REALLY? I was just going to buy 8.5, BUT ran into problems with payment because suddenly I don’t seem to have credit card option available, only webmoney, and I don’t even know what it webmoney.

And I wouldn’t want to upgrade my OSX 10.9.5, since every new OSX version looks and feels worse for me…

That’s ridiculous not supporting 10.9.5

Pretty crazy as 8 did

I am still running OSX 10.9.5 here, and, so far, no problems.

Wait, have you actually tried to run C8.5 on 10.9.5?

Nope, but if its not supported and all future updates won’t be !!! Seems crazy that only 10.10/11 are supported when 10.11 isn’t even supported for 8. Windows 7/8/10 are

Definitely a disappointment consider how long it’s taken to get 10.11 support with Cubase.

Installed on 10.9.5, no problems. I think its more meant as also El Capitan, not just only.

I installed it on 10.9.5 and it seems ok. Usually devs support the latest OS plus 2 previous . Thats is reasonable as EL Capitan is only a couple of months old. Also you cannot upgrade to Yosemite as its no longer in the App store WTF.

Can we please get an official response from Steinberg on this one? Is it compatible with 10.9?

The website IS an official statement.


I didn’t say it wasn’t. I’m asking Steinberg for a statement regarding 10.9.

“No official support for HALion Sonic 2 running under Mac OS X 10.10.”

The daft thing is that Halion Sonic 2 is NOT officially supported for 10.10 let alone 10.11

So i v been installed it on 10.9
it works fine. No problems at all.
I am totally like it.

Well no Cubase 8.5 for me. Though some people may have luck, since its unsupported I fear that if I run into any bugs or issues with C8.5 and report them, they will blame it on my OS. I could understand if Cubase 9 needed you to upgrade OS, but 8.5 should officially be supported to run on the same specs as 8 IMO.

I agree, but it does work and eventually I will have to upgrade to a newer system. It is totally crazy that HalionSonic is NOT even qualified for 10.10. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

HS2 is working fine on my main system running 10.10.5.

As 8.5 seems to ok on 10.9.5. The silliness is dropping support for the program mid cycle and forcing you to upgrade(if you need support) when their VST plugins aren’t even supported. If you decide to drop support for a system and qualify another it makes sense that all of your plugins are supported for the new one before you do it . It seems that all is OK now, but remember which ever system you use it may not be supported for all you SB products, thats daft IMHO

If you look closely, Halion Sonic 2 is supported for 10.11!