Cubase 8.5 not capturing full stereo signal of Deepmind via Scarlett 8i6


I received my Focusrite 8i6 on Saturday and have been struggling to capture the full stereo signal of my Behringer Deepmind on what appears to be set up as a stereo track in Cubase 8.5. I have the Deepmind connect to line in 3 +4 on the Scarlett, have created a ‘Stereo in 2’ bus in Cubase to capture inputs 3 and 4, but when i record the information, although appearing to look like it has captured stereo signal (with two different peices of audio for L and R in the same track), the track is certainly not in stereo to my ears. I can confirm this when i try to add a stereo delay plugin to the recorded track and the L and R delay signals do not hard pan. However, the track is clearly a stereo track.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!


Now if your Input / Recording path Is correct, your output- or monitoring path must be configured incorrectly. otherwise at least the stereo delay must Sound Stereo (given the L and R delay times are not the same).