Cubase 8.5 (Not saving sends)

Since using Cubase Pro 8.5 the main issue for me so far is that upon saving a file, when re opening it, all the track sends, and group channels I create, have nothing sent to them, meaning I have to manually re send everything to eg: sidechain compressors etc, and re figure out what I had grouped to which group channel.

The other issue is opening some files from v8, all the levels were off, fx etc turned off from what was originally saved.

I’ve since had to go back to v8 to ensure that what I save is actually saved for re opening and so I can actually complete my projects.

Late 2013 Imac, 32gb ram, Latest El Capitan Mac OS


not sure if you got that sorted or not. Im having a similar issue in a sense. In fact I’m having a few dif issues, but before a project loads a message saying vst bridge lost etc, which basically renders anything i have loaded say line 6 guitar software sim/vst not loaded, therefore I’ve got to reload that.

It also crashes when i do things outside of a loaded project, like review a .wav file or something. (I’m sure iTUNES probably has something to do with it)

It seems unstable sometimes “thinking” about stuff before i can move on. Im using Mac so i get the little coloured spinning thing for sometimes a minute or so.

It seems unstable at times, just not doing what my mouse is asking and just having a snooze almost then wakes up and does it. it def runs like its on an old computer sometimes, or like I’m running a shizload of vst’s and it can’t keep up.

iMAC iNTELi7, 3.9ghz, 16G RAM (6months old) Yosemite 10.10.5

ahh, and nope has not been sorted… :confused:
still does it . SO I’m using v8 again until it’s fixed…