Cubase 8.5 on Macbook Pro

Can you setup multiple desktops on macbook pro and then send different cubase windows to each.

For example have one desktop with the playlist, then desktop 2 have mixer, desktop 3 mediabay etc…

Or does everything have to be in one screen?



If you mean real screens, then you can arrange windows freely.

You can also use virtual Desktops of Mac OS X. But even better than a Mac OS X’s virtual Desktops, it is to use Workspaces of Cubase, I would say.

Thanks for the tips. Since the always on top is gone I guys I’ll be using on of these options. I’m really liking the workspaces.

The key commands don’t seem to work on my MacBook. For example: Option + Number 5. Is not working for me.
Unless I’m missing something?

You can of course choose your own key commands. The default is most likely for the numeric keypad, which the MBP doesn’t not have.

Thanks yeah that’s what I was after, the virtual desktops.
So I can have one virtual desktop with the playlist and one with the mixer etc… thats good to know :slight_smile: cause I know in ableton everything’s in one screen and now with cubase I can switch between screens with slide of the track-pad.

Awesome thanks Martin!