Cubase 8.5 only show 5 stereo output from Kontakt, how more?

Cubase 8.5 only show 5 stereo output from Kontakt(clicking the output in the VST instruments tab), the rest are all monos, how to show more?

You need to create additional stereo outputs from inside Kontakt, then you’ll be able to see them in Cubase. It’s been a couple of years since I did this and I’m not at my DAW, but check the Kontakt docs for how to. I do recall there was something odd about doing it.

I have over 10 stereo outputs inside Kontakt… cubase is only showing 5 stereo, the rest are monos

Well that is odd. I’ve got 24 stereo outs & 4 stereo Aux set up on my Kontakt mixer and all of them are available in Cubase (although I only use at most a few). Cubase itself doesn’t determine what outputs are available. It just shows whatever outputs a VSTi says it has. So I still think it is related to how you have the outputs configured inside of Kontakt. That’s not really an area I’m strong with (i.e. I set it up once years ago & have ignored it since). You might have better luck asking (or searching for an existing answer) on the Kontakt forums. Good luck.

From a practical basis is the reason you want more than 5 outputs because you are loading a bunch of different instruments in each instance of Kontakt? If so you might want to reconsider that approach. You actually get better overall CPU performance by spreading out your instruments across multiple instances of Kontakt. This is because of the way VSTi’s are handled in modern multi-core microprocessors. If you have 5 instruments loaded into 1 instance of Kontakt the processing for all 5 will occur on a single core. You can potentially use up all the CPU capacity of that core while others sit idle. But if each of your 5 instruments is in its own instance of Kontakt they can all be running on different cores - thus spreading around the CPU load.

I assume you’ve closed and re opened Kontakt for the changes to take effect. Apart from that I’ve got nothing.