Cubase 8.5 (or any) backup procedure from default?

My buddy and i have been recording and we need a solid backup procedure to backup the files. Here’s the important part. So they can be retrieved again with all the plugins, midi, audio etc. My buddy is not directory savy so it has become my task/mission to find a solid procedure to put all our music on an external usb > 2 tb hard drive.

Im knowledgeable with computers, dir structure etc (know linux and am system admin network support guy). But i need a solid way (or procedure) to knowledgeably get all the files; so they can be restored after moved.

We want to clean out the internal drive, and minimize the amount of songs we store on the internal drive to say project size.

??? is there a definitive guide or something like that to follow? i know one can save the various types of files into various directories. but i really need something bullet proof so when i go to execute said task(s) we will be in good standing.

Age old backup/restore question . I want to get off the default locations and into a defined procedure of working, storing recovering, remixing. Thanks for any help… and push in the right direction.

Pete aka BenZene