cubase 8.5 pro and bleuarp midi routing


i have a problem which is extremely frustrating,

i bought cubase 8.5 pro, i did a clean install ( no 3rd party plugins ) just pure cubase 8.5 pro with the latest update.

now, in have bleuarp, a midi aprigator which you can find on youtube

installation is simple but here is the problem, it is not midi routable in 8.5 pro and no video on youtube that does show it with cubase, only with FL studio and a quick one with ableton live.

i tried all the midi channels, but it seems that it turns around the midi input to output and the other way around, where it should say “midi output” it says “midi input” in cubase 8.5 pro.

is it possible to route it in 8.5 pro? or i am doing something completly wrong?

i hope someone can show me as i am stuck :frowning:

thanks in advance