Cubase 8.5 Pro and Guitar Rig 5 Pro


I have been playing around with the Guitar Rig demo vst. In my Cubase project I pick a default GR setup and it modifies the recorded track as expected. I then save the project, close the project, and then reopen the project. When I open the GR insert for the track, the preset I selected is not active. In fact no GR preset is loaded. Every time I open my Cubase project I have to re-select the GR preset. If anyone is using registered version of Guitar Rig Pro 5, do you see this as well??


Hi Mike

I use guitar rig loaded into Cubase Elements for my live setup and it always remembers the GRig patch I have it saved with, it’s likely that’s a feature of the demo perhaps? . Are you using the GR player or… ? When I occasionally use GR in the studio with C8.5 I’m pretty sure it also remembers the patch.

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Registered GR 5 Pro remembers loaded patches here, as you would expect. In your case it must be a ‘feature’ of the demo, as Dave said.

NI website says users can save presets and boasts “total recall” within DAW for the “Player”.
Is there a difference between the demo and the “Player”?
Have you tried saving the preset with a very basic or “stock” component in GR?

Ahhh yes i see now… The Pro demo and player are different.
Try using “Player”. There are less components but saving and recall is enabled.

Hi again.

Slightly off thread, but I’d been having problems with Guitar Rig and C8 Elements on Windows 10 in my Iive setup, I accidentally (seriously​:relaxed::relaxed:) launched the NI service programme which connected and told me there was a update I missed, problem went away immediately. Just thought I’d mention it, I’d been wrongly swearing at cubase
and NI!

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