Cubase 8.5 Pro and VST instruments start up slowly?

I have used Cubase 8.5 Pro over one year and everything has worked well. Two weeks ago I made couple of my own samples with Hallion 5 but I didn’t export them as vstpreset. After that I update my El Capitan OSX to new one 10.11.6.
Now my Cubase and all Steinberg VST-instruments start up slowly. When Cubase is initializing Content it will go to “Cubase not respond” mode. After 3 to 5 minutes it will start up. Same thing happens with VST-instruments. Is the problem on OSX or do I have something wrong wiht Cubase? I have reinstalled Cubase 8.5 Pro and Halion 5.

do you use freebie-plugins as well in your producing environment( on your Mac)?

Only Voxengo MSED. But it has worked ok.

i´ve made the experience: at a time i´ve downloaded every free plugin, which was to find; but in the end i´ve got the same problem as you. reload everything out of the plug-in path, what you don´t need and just keep these, which you are or you can really using. that´s my first advice to figure out the problem with 4-5 minute-Cubase loading. but by the way i think in your case too that there wil be a software issue.

Have you updated to latest elicenser?


did you got the eLicenser on (connected to) your Mac, while you`ve upgraded your OS X?


what happend then? a liitle bit better or no change?

No change

did you had the thought to regrade?

Last night I found out what is the problem.
The fault is not in Steinberg products or Mac OSX but in the F-Secure Safe program.
My friend had virus in his Mac, so I panic and load F-Secure demo program. After scanning I uninstalled it with CleanMyMac 3 program. Still there were some extensions that I have to remove manually.
Now everything works fine!


I’m having the same issue with Pro 11; was working great… now it’s initialing so slow… i can cook dinner and come back to my machine and I’m still waiting… WTH is going on!