Cubase 8.5 Pro- audio part volume adjust-no handle

Something strange happening here guys…

I am trying to sort out a vocal track by cutting it up and raising/lowering volume in different sections to get a more stable level before compressing. In the past, when I splice an audio track, I can zoom into the part, grab the center handle and raise it or lower it to adjust the volume. Today some split parts have no handles …why not? I love the simplicity of dragging and listening to match the levels, but for some reason on some parts I cannot do it.

Sure there are workarounds by double clicking and changing the volume, gong back, checking then coming back again …what’s happened here? Anyone know or experienced this? This is a major issue for me and my workflow.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you may have overlapping events due to a punch in. Just slice the part a bit before the ‘punch in’ then you will get your gain handle back. Then drag the pieces back where you wanted them.

Don’t forget to crossfade! :slight_smile:

Or (not likely) you have glued parts together, and there is a container/part around the events.

Thanks for your comments guys, will check it out.