Cubase 8.5 pro questions


*I’m looking for cubase 8.5 … Confused by the buying method should i buy the element first to get the pro?

*Does cubase 8.5 pro have the external midi instrument such as logic pro x ?

*I’m using elicsener for vienna library can use the same usb for both?

  • anything similar to smart tool in protools for cubase? Or any equivalent shortcuts

Last, what could i mess from logic pro x and what’s the best from cubase 8.5 pro


You can go straight to Pro. It supports external MIDI instruments.
I think you can use the same eLicenser and, since you already have it you can get the Pro trial version!

Yes you can use this one. If you buy a new license of Cubase, you will get an USB-eLicenser with the box, and the license will be stored on it. So, copy all licenses to one USB-eLicenser.

I’m using Alt modifier a lot, which gives me an “alternative” tool. From my point of view it’s very smart, and most of the time I don’t need to switch the tool.

Download Trial and try yourself. :wink: