Cubase 8.5 pro size

Hey folks,

I bought yesterday cubase 8.5 pro and to my surprise during installation the size of the installation was 600 mb only while when i tried to download the demo it said 9gb… am i missing something here ?


The Full Installer is around 9GB. 600MB seems, it’s Cubase only, without the content.

Btw, if you already downloaded and installed Trial version, you can use your Activation Code. You don’t need to download and install it again. It’s the same as Trial.

Actually i didnt download the trial… so basically the remaining 8gb are for halion and the other plugins that cone with it ?

I cannot say this for sure, I don’t know, what did you download exactly. But I would expect so. Btw, not plug-ins only, but also audio content (loops).