Cubase 8.5 pro update

I DOWNLOADED 8.5.PRO Update from Cubase site TO MY PC. NOW WHAT DO I DO TO INSTALL IT? I go to setup.exe. and click on it and all it does is tell me I can finish. I haven’t even entered product key yet. So, what am I doing wrong on this install. Someone help. Details please.Thanks :question:
PS: So I extract the 8.5 file and it still doesn’t show up as installed in my programs in control panel.
BTW I am using Win. 10 version)
This should be a simple download right??? (which took 12hrs.) I don’t get it. Help! :exclamation:

How big is the filesize?

I would probably try running as administrator…particularly on W10

Can you explain what you mean it tells you “I can finish” please give the exact wording…or screencap the message.

I’m good now. Thanks for your help.