Cubase 8.5 problems

Am a fully paid up cubase owner… I just can’t access my previously registered login because it says it doesn’t exist… although my dongle id does and can’t be registered again… problem i’ve had for years :frowning:


couple of simple bugs in cubase I’m hoping you will fix…

ZOOM! why can’t i zoom all the way in anymore?

Process -> Pitch shift … REsults in a silent wav
(has been a problem since 7 . No idea why you think it’s fine to leave that bug in there)

Please please give us a solution

p.s. Ever thought of offering some kind of crowd funded programming fixer so that people can vote for the bugs they want fixing / things they want changing? custom patches?


I don’t experienced any of your bugs.

Could you try the Safe Start Mode and disable Preferences, please?

ZOOM! why can’t i zoom all the way in anymore?

Probably because you have set your project lengths too long.
Change it in project setup.