RUNNING: Win 7, Cubase 8.5

Just beginning with Cubase 8.5
Can anyone advise me as to what I need to do in Cubase 8.5 to momentarily change to and from time signatures while working in a project?
Previously in Cubase up through Cub 7.5 when I wanted to change time signatures, say 4/4 to 5/4 and back to 4/4 I would simply place the cursor on the bar I wanted the change to take place at, go into the Transport Bar to the Time Signature box, click on the 4/4 default and type in, say, 5/4, then hit “Enter” and the piece would change to 5/4.

To go back to 4/4 I’d repeat the above.

I can’t do this in Cubase 8.5.

What happens at this point for me is that i can only assign 1 Time Signature to a Project, even and including using the signature bar.

Right now for me if I change bar 9 to a 5/4 bar & that changes the entire piece to 5/4. Changing back in bar 10 deletes the 5/4 and changes the entire piece back again to 4/4

Going thru the manual and Preferences" I’m not finding whether this is a Preference" command or not. The only thing I can find in the manual is text about the “Signature Track” which only replicates the behavior above.

I know this can’t be permanent behavior in Cubase. Can anyone advise me as to the how to make time sign changes and where in the manual this can be found and what Steinberg calls the technique?



If you have multiple time signature changes in the project, a Time Signature track would be more efficient and easier to work with.
But, did you try the “fixed” vs. “track” selection on the transport panel by the time signature.

I can’t find the "fixed vs. “track” selection on the transport panel by the time signature. And on the inspector for the signature track where I supposedly can change the position and the signature, the position is greyed out, leaving me only the choice of changing the signature on position 1[ms.1].

Make sure it is visible - It´s the “Master + Sync” section.

Move your cursor to the desired position and craete a new signature event in the track.

I can’t find a “Master + Sync” section on the transport panel, and the documentation that comes with Cubase 8.5 does not mention it.
And,as I said, I can place the cursor to the desired position all I want and the signature always changes FROM THE BEGINNING - like it is locked somehow. What you describe is the way Logic, etc. all work, - but it is not working here.
I’m running this on Windows 10; could that be a problem?

To insert additional signature events, use the draw tool and click at the point on the signature track where you want the signature change.

Thanks. THAT worked.

Sure it does.

No, what I describe is the way Cubase works.

Well, what you said did not help me and still doesn’t. But what MrSoundman wrote DID work.

I am unable to insert a different time signature in a project without Cubase deletes the rest of the composition from the Signature change . Before it was so easy.

It was sufficient to point the bar in the position where the signature had to change and modifying the signature by the transport bar so Cubase added the new Signature from there to the rest of the composition.

If I try now by that method, Cubase changes the first time signature.

I do not understand why developers changed a so useful function. Now composers have to waste a lot of time to get around this new feature.