Cubase 8.5 Setup Crashes

I can’t get the 8.5 update to install. Running Setup.exe gets to about 95% and then crashes with “Setup has stopped working”. I’ve tried moving to my root c: drive, running as administrator and also setting compatibility to Windows 8.

Installing over the top of the latest 8 version, running Windows 10 (up to date).

Turns out it was a corrupt installer. I re-downloaded the update and unpacked it into a clean directory and everything worked fine.

I am having the same issue, but nothing seems to help… trying in a new browser right now. never had an issue with any other upgrade.

I just upgraded and am getting the same issue. It crashes on the installation splash screen (“please wait while the installation program initiliazes…”)!!!

I had to re download and use the exe and not the startup installer.

Same here, setup is crashing.
Will try to download again…