Cubase 8.5 setup questions


I want to buy cubase Pro 8.5 but i have questions about before.

Actually i must work on cubase 5 project, is it possible to load this v5 project on cubase v8.5 ?

In addition, i have 1 home pc with an older DD: it contains all my installed tools and i want install my new cubase on another DD (my new ssd).
On my home pc i have not internet connection but i can install cubase on my new ssd with another computer that have internet connection(in studio of my friend).

When i go back my home, if i run my cubase on my home pc … is cubase will be full functional ?

thanks for response & sorry my bad english :unamused:


Yes, Cubase 8.5 can read Cubase 5 projects.

You can download Cubase 8.5 installer (plus the latest update) to any drive (a pin drive for example), install it on you studio computer. At the Computer with the internet connection, activate your license to the USB-eLicenser. Then plug the USB-eLicenser to your studio computer. Cubase 8.5 will start.

Btw, since you already have an USB-eLicenser for your Cubase 5, you can download Cubase 8.5 for free, and try all of your projects and setup. Then you will switch to the full version by a new Activation Code, you buy for Cubase 8.5.

thanks for usefull response :smiley:

PS: double post my bad …