Cubase 8.5 - so much great stuff, can't wait for N7.5.

I didn’t see that many, but it looks nice.

I was told 2.5 months at AES. The bigger question is what happens to the ‘lower’ version. Will there be another maintenance update before 7.5? When will that show up? If not, will there be one after 7.5? Or, if there is one before, VCAs aren’t fixed, 7.5 comes out with them fixed, will there be another with them fixed after 7.5?

Seriously: ONE maintenance update in 5 months!??!?!???

9 weeks since that update… the word “priority” seems… misunderstood…

I can see the dual loop / in-out points as a huge improvement for the next version of the ADR tool. Actually I believe it’s the way that most actors I have worked with want to work.

User profiles are a big one for me too, because no matter how much effort we take to have the same workflow, things are slightly different for all users.

The hot zones for switching views are very welcome as well.

Some nice ideas for midi editing.

We are heading in the right direction here with further refinements of already good ideas (see also the custom chord definition and the new views in the mix console)

It’s the kind of update power users want.

Well, I’m not so sure that’s the case. We keep saying “fix things first, add features later”, and this is a feature expansion rather than fixing of issues. For us specifically on Nuendo it’s clearly not what we want, unless we have different priorities when it comes to bug fixing versus spending resources on Cubase.

For me there are still way too many bugs and even showstoppers to think of upgrading to N7, and having seen the lists of problems with C8.5, it is pretty clear that they won’t be fixed any time soon.

So I’m probably waiting for N8 now.


I’m guessing a year and a half longer for you then.

I’ve just finished 10 episodes of a comedy show for TV and I’m 3 episodes into another series of 10 shows.This one has extensive foleys for an M&E as well. I’ve also done some simple documentaries. To be quite honest, I couldn’t be happier. N7 rocks when I’m editing on my own and it rocks when my clients are here…
I had ridiculous deadlines and worked during week ends and sometimes over night. Seriously: A computer bug would have KILLED me, but Nuendo 7 actually gave me some extra air to breathe, because reconform worked so well.

No bug in Nuendo 7 that’s serious enough to be called a showstopper for me. Quite the opposite. Very happy Steinberg customer.

I’m glad to hear that you’re happy. I’m sure you were never hampered by the glue tool changing your MIDI notes in N6 either. However, that doesn’t negate the showstoppers in my workflow.


Sure. Haven’t said that.
Which showstopper bugs in Nuendo 7 prevent you from finishing your final mixes?


It’s not the final mixes that are the issue. It’s getting to the final mixes that is the problem. If you don’t use virtual instruments or VEP you might not come across any of the big problems.

Until the list of problems is drastically reduced, there is no way I could even try to use N7. I’m sure that some of the new features are very good, but if is a huge hassle either to use them or even to get to the stage wen I can use them, it is not worth wasting time, when I can currently get work done using N6 an I know my way around the bugs.


I know I wil start a flaming war by this (and a political discussion on top), but heck … I 'm going to say it anyway.

I think you are overreacting.
We have done 7 full blown movies in N7, and are now working on a 4 seson TV series.
Nothing, nothing has prevented us from bringing our jobs to a good end.
Maybe N7 has issues that are important to you, but so did N4, N2, N3, N4, N5 and N6.
By extention, every piece of software has issues.
If we find a bug or issue, we work around it, that how it is done in my world.


Fredo, as you have very little idea of how a composer with my company works, your experiences are pretty much irrelevant to me. Of course you are correct that there have been issues with all versions of all software. The usability is directly linked to the features that one uses on a daily basis. If you don’t use VEP, Expression maps, disabled Instrument tracks. etc. you may never come across any of the issues that friends of mine are experiencing.

FWIW I skipped N5 because it was useless to me. I didn’t use N4 until 4.3, because it was too unstable. I’m not angry, nor should there be any sort of flaming war. However, if I don’t make my feelings known, I can’t complain when Nuendo becomes the sort of program I no longer wish to use. At one point we were considering moving the whole production process to Nuendo. Even though there are some promising new features, that aim is probably still way out of reach at the moment.


+1 unless it’s a show stopper. And as i have tried to pint out, there aren’t any for me.
Using reconform now, because there was yet another version of the video coming in today :mrgreen: BIG SMILE.

I think the above argument is only relevant to the degree it disproves an assertion that one can’t do what you did. I too have done TV shows on N7. That’s however only part of the points being made.

Apart from what the other poster said, something I have no knowledge about because he does something I don’t, there’s also the other issue of what I have been told I’m getting when I’m buying the software. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Not this again”, but the “moral” part of that argument - which you are aware of - is only part of that point; the other point is that when I’m in Pro Tools I actually use groups and VCAs frequently because I work way faster that way. The increased flexibility in grouping (nesting and more) and actually working VCAs is just a big help. The only reason I work in Nuendo is if it’s suitable from a business standpoint; i.e. I get offered a job at a somewhat lower rate and I agree because I can do the job from home during ‘downtime’, won’t lose time in transit (to a studio) etc. That makes up for the loss in speed I suffer not having these tools available to me.

So while you might be able to complete something using your workflow, that doesn’t suit everyone equally, and it shouldn’t have to - because it was promised to work differently.

No showstopper depending on what type of work one does? Absolutely.
Still a huge letdown in terms of support and fulfilling obligations? Also absolutely.

"Priority" is either a word Steinberg don’t fully comprehend, or it is a case where what they say is a priority really isn’t. There’s a word for saying one thing and doing another, but I suppose that’d be inappropriate to use. In any case all I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that while Cubase and PT gets 4-6 updates Nuendo gets exactly 1, and after that update we’re still left with a huge bug - and after all of that saying that fixing it is a “priority” actually doesn’t show in terms of actions.

And so it is my prediction that we’ll likely see a paid 7.5 before we see a fix of some of these more important issues in the lower version. I think that will/would be incredibly 'tu sais quois".


noun, plural priorities for 2–4.

  1. the state or quality of being earlier in time, occurrence, etc.
  2. the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.; precedence.
  3. the right to take precedence in obtaining certain supplies, services, facilities, etc., especially during a shortage.
  4. something given special attention.

Back on topic,
I’ve watched the videos and indeed, the new features and improvements are appealing.

Just to put my 2 cents in here - I am also holding back on advancing from N6.5. It works, despite some bugs around MIDI/Instrument Tracks. N7 and beyond feels undercooked.

Call it a feeling, but N6.5 feels like a solid-ish iteration of Nuendo and, so long as all my plugs, interfaces and OS are happy, why on earth change? For some new features that are really not vital.

Personally I have not felt the need for VCA, and this is probably more a reflection of my compositional background as opposed to an engineering background. So I am not saying that I don’t sympathise with users struggling with what is clearly one of the most disastrous implementations of a new feature. But given the Post Production remote of Nuendo, it is rather astounding that a correction of this much requested/bemoaned tool is still not forthcoming.

For me, I will stick with N6.5 until I start reading consistent satisfied reports on this forum.

I have launched and played with N7 and just felt, is it worth it really? On top of this, SB manage to alienate me with further interface “degradations” which are quite beyond me (specifically track control icons, track pop-up menus, track names have all taken a step backwards in clarity of readability and status).

It’s a LOVE HATE relationship with Nuendo, and I guess with SB in general as a consequence. I really do rather wish that SB would make a greater effort to make this a LOVE LOVE relationship.

A single maintenance update just seems to insult the premium price we pay for this software. It feels like SB are lacking resources to maintain a product. It’s become, here on Earth, an unwritten understanding that when you publish software, if it’s broke, it gets fixed in an update for free. This is because what is written on the box, at point of sale, describes functions that the user would reasonable expect to work in return for their hard won cash. When these don’t work, the user IMHO has reasonable expectations of fixes, in reasonable amounts of time.

Out problem, as pointed out in other posts, is defining words like “reasonable” and “priority”.

Anyway, my relationship with Nuendo remains LOVE HATE.


well I´m going to add my testimonial for N7 then -

it´s fantastic. Working with it for months, not a single crash. So far I´m doing all I did with 6.5 and more and it runs just great and nothing that takes my focus away from just doing the work and trusting the software to do what it has to do. Visibility management in the project window changed everything for me, working with a huge orchestral template, this feature alone was a godsend worth the update price. (If only inspector width could be adjusted and a search tool added it would be 10/10 perfect).

there is only one bug I found which persists through multiple versions, sometimes a tone preview when moving notes the preview is played a half tone too high, or a half tone too low, that happens about once in two days. And that´s about it, no other bugs I´ve encountered.

Well Marsman, I take it you didn’t set up 10 songs worth of projects using VCAs to control drums, guitars and vocals, do work on the entire album, only to then realize that you had to undo a large amount of errors due to the bug… right?

I was LUCKY that this was a non-profit job. If this had been paid and for broadcast I could have been looking at hundreds of dollars in costs.

You have bad luck my friend. You’re always using exclusively the defective feature…

I am?

Will the administrator nuendo 7.5 will come out this year, when?