Cubase 8.5 Stuck every few seconds

Hi people, got a tech question for you. I bought a new monster desktop computer and had Cubase5 on it. When playing a project, every few seconds it would freeze and then resume.
Someone told me it’s because of the VST bridge that isn’t working properly in Cubase 5 and that in general I should avoid a 32bit plugins on my 64 bit machine.
so I deleted all 32bit plugins, and used Reaper to see which plugins are 32 bit and took them all out. Still didn’t work. So I upgraded to Cubase 8.5. Crazy interface, all great, but I still get these 5 seconds pause every few seconds. I also enlarged the buffer size to 1024 (more than that will create unreasonable latency when recording), didn’t work. When I check the VST performance, it’s usually very low and all of a sudden there’s a strange peak, although nothing special happened (no fx, no automation etc). the number of playing tracks is 3-4, no fx on them. The computer has 16GB ram and running on a Win7 64 bit. I should carry a much heavier load than this.
this can drive you nuts when you work. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks!


Test your system by the LatencyMon tool, please.

This doesn’t sound right. However, we will not be able to help without more info about your system. Soundcard, Video card and full computer specs would be very helpful.

Are you using the iphone/pad remote control software because Cubase performs like that for me when I try using it for my iPad 2 (which is constantly struggling with it)