Cubase 8.5 Tale of two Media Bays :(

First of all this is not an emotional rant. I support the brand!
Up to this point I have had no complaints. Things aren’t perfect, but I’m supportive of the attempts at the growth of the platform.
That being said… I liked using the F5 full sized media bay in 8.03 simply because it is easier for me to navigate my hard drives as well as the Cubase content.
I like the new Cubase 8.5 rack icons to navigate the Cubase content.
But why can’t we have new the rack icons in the F5 full-sized media bay??
And what happened to the full screen box and minus at the top right of the media bay?? It used to be if I wanted media bay to be full screen all I did was click one button insted of constantly resizing the media bay from the sides.
I thought the concept was to open what you want, and navigate the opened windows in the task bar?
Now when I open the F5 full sized media bay and hover over it in the task bar the page icon reads ‘VST Instruments’, and the other icon says ’ Cubase Pro Project’.

I don’t mind getting charged for an upgrade, when they work.
Please allow me to switch to my project window to change the tempo without having the media bay pop up no matter wich page icon I select in the task bar.
This is super annoying.


Still able to set media bay to full size screen by clicking the maximise button.

Just found out unchecking ‘always on top’ brought back the screen minimize and maximise, as well as the ability to select the media bay icon in the task bar. :slight_smile:

Still get the vst instrument rack in the taskbar as well even though I didn’t open it.
I’ll own half of it lol.
As to the rest of my question…