Cubase 8.5 terribly brakes scrolling and zoom.

Hello everybody.
I updated to version Cubase 8.5 and also updated its MAC to El Capitan and I started to have problems with the Cubase, terribly brakes scrolling and zoom. Annoying in the extreme, you press H or G and Cubase brakes and reacts in half a second - second. If you repeatedly press - generally the result is unpredictable. Edit audio with such brakes is simply impossible…
In the past, such problems were not when I was working on Cubase 8 and MAC OS Mavericks.

Configuration Mac:
MacBook Pro 15 Retina ME294
2,3 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB
OS X El Capitan 10.11.2
Cubase Pro 8.5

Who knows whether there is a solution to this problem?
Help Me please!


Could you describe, what is different? How does it work now, and what is your expectation (how did it work before)? Maybe a screencapture would help.

My Setup is similar to yours.

I find C8.5 and El Capitan much better and snappier than C8 with Yosemite.
It’s actually the best performance i’ve ever had with Cubase on Mac.
Very close if to the behavior like Cubase on the PC.
I’m quite happy.

Just to give you a different opinion.


+1 here, I have the same issue.

I did a clean install of El Capitan, then Cubase 8.5. I use the cmd-key + mouse wheel for zooming mostly, and it’s very jerky and slow. So are all other zoom methods. On my previous installation (Cubase 8 on Mavericks), this - as well as all other ways of zooming - worked great. Fortunately I still have my entire Mavericks system on a separate hard drive, but I wish we could find out what’s causing this.

Anyone using Logitech devices? I found that upgrading to El Capitan broke Shift-scrolling functions in all my programs. Is a problem with Logitech’s control software.I had to uninstall it and install a program called SteerMouse to get it back.

I’m having a similar issue with Cubase Pro 8.5 where if I have only a few audio tracks in a project, scrolling and zooming around the project is slow and jumpy. It’s worse when I import audio in to a new project. This issue did not occur when I had Cubase 8 and El Capitan.

I’m fairly new to Cubase but I already have grown fond of it for many reasons, and I hope this issue is not caused by my mac pro but rather something Steinberg can fix. I own pro tools HD and Logic X and still would like to commit to Cubase for 90% of my work.

Hi! I have the same problems with zoom in cubase 8.5 OS X El Capitan. And if I have more audio tracks this bug is more and more ( sorry fir my English). I have Mac Pro 3.1 eight cores(2.8) quadro fx4800 Radeon xt2600 32 gb Ram ssd vertex 460. Did you find how to fix it?