Cubase 8.5 to 9. Migrating Preferences

Could someone remind me how to transfer my preferences, keyboard commands, presets from 8.5 to 9?

Thank you

As I understand, preferences should be transferred automatically, so try to see if something is missing.

Does it say that somewhere in the manual? If so where?

Well that does not seem to have happened. I know there is a folder to copy but I do not remember which one.

Preference transfer on install is hit and miss.

Just copy the folders or whichever selection of xmls you want over to new vewrsion.

Just found out that the %appdata%\Presets\WindowLayouts.xml and RAMPresets.xml settings are not transferred to 9.0.
I don’t mean the just ID’s of the “obj class” objects, some added structures were included.

I was able to just copy the 8.5 file for WindowLayouts without problems except fixing the layouts… Since the Windows have changed a lot with the upgrade I decided this was ok. The RAMPresets file is complicated - there were a lot of differences. I don’t know if that can be transferred straight. Does anyone know??

Well it seems like the answer to my original question is to copy the xml files from user/appdata/Steinberg/Cubase 8.5 to user/appdata/Steinberg/Cubase 9.
It would have been for the brilliant and acclaimed software designers of Cubase to give some guidance how to do this as a natter of courtesy. I run a busy studio and buying an upgrade should be a pleasant and efficient process without having to mess around with creating new keyboard commands, layouts etc. Hiding buttons is just plain silly. Perhaps a list of changes would be useful and included in a prominent position on the hub at first install.