Cubase 8.5 trail question

If the trial isn’t working for me, can it be uninstalled leaving Cubase 8.10 ( in my case ) operable as it was? In other words how would I roll back, or would 8.5 have its own folder therefore I could run 8.10 or 8.5 trail and no harm done.

Also,will 8.10 open a 8.5 project that was converted to 8.5 from 8.10.

Hoping for the best.


C8 and C8.5 are installed as separate applications, each in their own folder, and you can open either one of them. Can’t see why it would be any different with it being a demo version so you should be fine.

RE: 8.5 projects opening in 8.1 -sorry haven;t tried that myself.