Cubase 8.5 update confusion...

Hey guys,

Hoping someone can help me out here. I’m having a bit of a confusing time trying to update C8 to C8.5.

I was running C8 when my HDD became corrupted. I had to reformat the drive and reinstall windows and my programs etc. When it came to reinstalling Cubase I thought I may as well upgrade to 8.5 instead of reinstalling 8 and then having to upgrade anyway down the line. So I paid the upgrade fee (about £36) and downloaded 8.5.

Anyway… when attempting to run the program after installation, I get an error saying ‘You have not activated your Cubase Pro 8 license permanently yet, you may use it for another 24 hours…etc. Please activate the permanent license in the eLicenser control center’. So I tried doing that using the activation code in my C8 box but it say’s the code has already been used.

Any ideas? I have a dongle with my licenses (C8 Pro and Padshop Pro), I’m not sure how to update the cubase license to 8.5.

Further info: Whilst my PC was down I installed C8 on my girlfriend’s Mac, could this have somehow messed things up? I just assumed that I can install it on any computer as long as my dongle is plugged in. And I never had any issues with activation on that install.


But it’s the 8.5 activation code you bought that need to enter.

Ah, you mean I should’ve got a code with my upgrade purchase? D’oh.

Just checked my emails and the 8.5 activation code is in with the order :slight_smile:

Case closed.


Launch eLCC, click to Enter Activation Code and enter the Code you got with upgrade. Cubase 8 license will be updated to 8.5 and you can run Cubase Pro 8.5.