Cubase 8.5 update ?

A general Cubase 8.5 Q: How long will it be for the first 8.5 update to appear? After a few days trying the freshly installed 8.5.0 version with interesting new features BTW, i threw my towel into the ring. Too many errors among other flaws with imported projects from version 8.0.30 and older forced me back to 8.0.35. Are we once again being used as paying beta testers? -F

I couldn’t agree more.

I suppose they`re working hard on Steinberg now. But, IMO they should work harder before release than after.

I’d reckon an update could be a month or so away yet…

In the meantime, continue in your ‘older’ edition of Cubase on those existing projects; only use v8.5 for newly created ones. Just a thought…

Well it was worth the wait, 8.5.10 works fine it seems, had no crashes for almost when it came out … F