cubase 8.5 very slow

hi, i bought the cubase 8.5 and the downnload is very very slow- 1day remaining (downloading around 100kb/s )
i was downloading other thing in the wweb in 2mb/s?
can i get a other link or something pls?


You can try Free Download Manager, which can “accelerate” your downloads by opening multiple connections to the server instead of only one. The name sounds suspiciously like crapware but it works.

i was download it but it don’t working. can you give me a link to the download to paste in the "freedownloadmanager’?

Copy the link from your email and paste it into the download manager by pressing the blue + button. If you activated your Cubase Pro 8.5 license and registered your USB-eLicenser, you can also download Cubase Pro 8.5 from your MySteinberg.

Yeah use Free Download Manager as @Romantique Tp said above…works perfect…

I’ve just upgraded from Cubase 5.x to 8.5, and I’m having the same problem. I have a typical hi-speed cable modem, which gets download rates in the 50 Mbps, even going across the pond from Alabama to London. But downloading the Cubase 8.5 file (which I realize is 10GB) is taking something like SEVEN hours!

When I tried to unzip my first download, I got numerous CRC errors. So I downloaded it again. Once again, CRC errors, but on different files. Which is not unexpected. If a 10GB file is taking 7 hours to download, clearly something is very wrong somewhere.

I’ll try the free downloader others have suggested, but the problem seems clearly on Steinberg’s side.