Cubase 8.5 Viewing all inserts and sends in Mixconsole

Hi All

I just updated to 8.5 and would like to ask if I am missing something in the mix console. The send view seems to have doubled in size no matter what I try. Same for the gain/filter section
The one thing I did like about the new mix console when moving up from 6.5 to 7 was that we could finally see all inserts and sends at the same time in the cubase mixer. Now it seems this is once again no longer possible.
Please prove me wrong :open_mouth: :question:



Yes, the Send slots doubeled the The reason is, there are no the hower controls anymore. But all of these buttons had to find a Home somewhere. So new line has been added.

I still can see all my Inserts and Sends at once. It’s question mainly of your screen resolution. If your screen resolution is too small, you can change the fader part hight.

Thanks for the reply. It looks okay on the studio computer but when working on my laptop I really miss seeing all inserts and send simultaneously.
Hopefully this view all return as an option one day.
For now on my laptop in sticking with 8.0.20
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+1 on not liking the new send slot double sized. At least give us the option to choose.