Cubase 8.5 - Volume gone on different VSTs with automation

I did what one shouldnt, and changed the cubase version within a running project.
But to the point:

I have the problem, that every day, I open a saved project with automated volume curves, some of the VSTS´like Kontakt 5, or U-He Diva, play no Sound anymore. So I see the midi is playing, the Instrument is playing, but I dont hear anythig, not via triggered by midikeyboard or playback. So I figured out, that it must have something to do, with the volume automation, cause when I move my volume fader of my Steinberg CC121 Controller, the sound appears, and when I delete the volume automation, it also stays. So it seems, as if Cubase gets the info to play those instruments randomly volume down, but it doesnt show it in the lane or instrument. Just deleting the automation does the trickm than I can record the volume atomation again fine, but when I poop down the Studio and open the song again the next day, the volume is gone again…

Never had this before.

I´m running a PC 6 core i7 with Win7 64 bit Pro.
32 GB Ram.
Cubase 8.5 pro 64 bit.

Hardware is a CC121 controller and a Doepfer LMK4+

Thank you very much!!!

There is another thread on this.

Thank you for pointing to it.
This is terrible!!! Can someone pull the other thread into the issues section?
Maybe miscellaneous won’t be looked after that much by Steinberg.