Cubase 8.5 + WaveLab Pro9

HI, I recently bought Cubase 8.5 boxed version I have registered with series number on Cubase8.5 Steinberg site.
At the moment Steinberg have an offer which has WaveLab Pro9 & Cubase together in one box if I had known about this I would have bought this package
Anyway it’s not something I can buy over and over again, so I think that Steinberg should offer WaveLab at a special discounted price to customers who have Cubase 8.5 for example I also bought Native Instruments K10U and now that K11 is here K10U owners only need to pay a small amount to convert to K11U.

man, i could talk the same out of my soul. got Cubase Pro 8.5 now and also NI Komlete 10 Ultimate, because it was reduced not far away, and i really want to get WaveLab 9. i havn´t bought the Mastering Suite, too., but i would like to get WaveLab reduced also, because i´ve had already stuck a lot of money to past and current Steinberg Products, which would be a fair compensaton. i don´t got in the moment now the money to buy WaveLab for it´s common price, but when it would be reduced i maybe could take these bucks together and get it.

Personally I feel that Steinberg is one of the best software companies but they should do something for their loyal customers ! there should be some sort of reward for guys like us I am going to email Steinberg requesting that they do a special deal and I think you should do the same… we should get a petition going!

i had for a long time the idea to do this, but you`ve finally inspirated me to do this in the english forum.

Please read this thread:


I think its time Steinberg should take notice of what their customers are saying and reward their loyal users! hopefully they will do something for us very soon!