Cubase 8,5 + Windows 10 F3 command


I use Cubase 8,5 and have recently installed windows 10 on my PC.
The problem is that F3, which is a shortcut in cubase to open the mixer, doesnt work.
It seems to be linked to a function in Windows 10.

Anyone has a solution to this? How to disable the windows 10 function?


No problem with that issue here. I’m wondering - have you got Cubase ‘active’ when pressing F3? Click on the Cubase window, then press F3 - does that bring the mixer on screen?

Also, take a look at this thread

Works for me too, although I’ve noticed that when opening a session it doesn’t work the first time. I have to hit it twice just the first time.

Do your other function keys work? Does F4 bring up VST Connections? F2 the transport bar? Etc.