Cubase 8.5 woes

Hi all,
I am having a few dramas with the new Cubase 8.5.
I have read a few threads of similar problems and also I have a couple that I cannot see reported so I am just chipping in to add weight and perhaps some insight.

My problem seems to stem from my template.
I had tried to take advantage of the disable track feature which was the selling point for me, that and cycle punch in/out.

I am having the same problem as others with “all midi inputs” and expression maps not reconnecting on some tracks when the track is enabled.
But as my template got bigger more problems occurred.

I have modulation wheel cc1 mapped to XF velocity in Vienna, and the newly enabled track refuses to pass the cc1 to the VST.
Once again only some of the tracks not all.
If I try to record cc1 on this track in an empty part, I get nothing recorded.

If I then try to record cc1 on to the tracks that ARE passing control messages to Vienna, then Cubase starts recording 2 bars before the left locator and is full of cc1 without me touching the wheel.
The data is being stored in a buffer somewhere and being spat out once I select a track that does work.
I can see the midi meter working on all the tracks, but nothing I can do to get get the signal to Vienna on the tracks that don’t work.
Even if I close that VST and open a new one the problem seems to be with the track itself.
Only a new track or project will fix it.
I can play MIDI on these broken tracks but didn’t think to test record it as I was too flummoxed by the cc problem.

I tested all aspects of the template as it grew and it usually tested ok. Odd things were missing but I thought they were my mistakes.
Only when I finished it and it became quite large (x130 tracks) that it became pretty much unusable.
I duplicated most of the tracks… That might be a clue for the programmers…

Also my cursor changes colour on both the laptop and the new desktop. Sometimes a thick white line, (on the laptop) and a thick black one on the new desktop. Both are ASUS boards with NVIDIA Geforce latest drivers.

When I open a new project just to test things and I haven’t built up anything too complex, Cubase seems to work well but I have been chasing my tail on this template which I will have to abandon now.

I have a brand new install of Cubase 8.5 on a brand new Win 7 64 bit machine.
I went with Win 7 as Cubase 8 works great on my laptop with that OS and I thought (mistakenly) that 8.5 would as well.
I was happy to see a Cubase update available here so I will install that now and report back later.

I love Cubase BTW.
I just may have to go back to 8 for a while.

phew! Thanks for reading this long post… :exclamation:

Just spent the last 2 hours with the new update.
It definitely works better. All the tracks pass cc1 now and I have reconnected half of my template and when I reloaded it everything was working!
It did behave abnormally for the first couple of times I opened it, my VST connections kept getting messed up on my RME Fireface and I had no sound and had to restart once or twice.
Actually when I first installed Cubase 8.5 I had a strange situation where I had no sound, and although my RME ASIO driver was selected in the VST Audio System - in the VST connections my output bus reported the Generic ASIO driver loaded.

That didn’t look good and I’ve never seen that before. A couple of restarts later and it all worked great.

So far so good.
We will see tomorrow.
Sleep now… :stuck_out_tongue: