Cubase 8.5 won't install.

Hi I’ve raised a ticket for this, but understand you have tradeshows etc. in the offing, so posting on forum to see if any other Cubase 8.5 users are having a similar problem. I’ve downloaded both the upgrade and the full 9GB install version of 8.5 and tried to install from both the installer and the msi file. In all events, I get the same message.

Cubase 8.5 64bit installation failed. Another installation is already in progress. Complete that installation before proceeding with this install. Error Code 1618.

As you can see from the screenshots with Taskmanager running, the only application running during the install was Cubase 8.5. (The other apps listed - Taskmanager, Powerpoint etc. were only started after the crash to get a screengrab)

Please could you advise what might be causing the issue? Not experienced it with other Cubase installs on the same computer.

I’m running Windows 10.

this is not a Cubase, but a Windows problem (MSIExec.exe)
try if this will help

Thank you very much for the pointer. That solved it. I’d tried killing all background apps that might have been trying to do a background install, but it looks like there were a couple of Windows Installer processes that had become orphaned (in Task Manager).

In case anyone has similar problems, they were listed in Background Processes using Task Manager. I’d looked for additional MSI installer processes previously and seen none, but as I scrolled further down, I saw Windows Installer processes running where none should have been. I killed these and the install looks to have gone fine.

Thanks very much Silviastef!